Do you like to read Tatoeba?

How are you two getting along?

I know you'll enjoy this.

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When was this decided?

I like being part of this group.

State your full name for the record.


Be quiet and listen to me.

Please drive carefully.

That hardly mattered.

They're all guilty.

In the first place, you all have to pay a debt first.


Museum officials think that ETA wanted more Basque art in the museum.

I hurried to the station only to find that the train had already left.

I must hasten to add that I do not mean to blame him.

I don't know anybody else here.

Russell's killer is still at large.

The trip will cost anywhere between $1,000 and $2,000.

They danced merrily together on the grass.


Carisa informed Jamie of his decision to sell the house.


Close the curtains so the neighbors can't see in.

May I have a glass of beer, please?

You can pour the liquid by using a funnel.

I don't live in Maigo now.

Straka seems to have lost consciousness.

Keep in touch.

I think that's what you should be worried about.

This is pure demagogy.

Today's my grandson's birthday.

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Let's get some pictures.

I heard you screaming.

I'm not going to stop working.

She was beside herself with joy.

It was not very well hidden.


After getting married, my wife put on five pounds.

I was impressed with Ian.

Have you been to London before?


We are always moving with the earth.

I'm seeing someone at the moment.

That cloth is very rough.


The little boy was asleep in his bed.

My breakfast cereal was crunchy until I added the milk.

Rather than cry, you should take action!

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He saw suicide as the only way out.

I looked for him.

This shirt has long sleeves.

He is a man of wide experience.

How did you come by all this money?

I can't help wondering about what Kelly might be doing.

I was surprised at the news this morning.

You'd be perfect for that.

Is he your teacher?


Blayne has been on TV every night for thirty years.


I need a place where I can study.


You're mean.

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Straka isn't happy about not going to the dance.

This isn't complicated.

I'm circling around God, around the ancient tower, and I've been circling thousands years; and I still don't know: am I a falcon, a storm or a great song.


We think too much and feel too little.

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That's close enough.


It's the shortest route to Paris.

I never counted on his being rich.

The store is just across from my house.


Where can I buy that magazine?

Saiid requested help, but no one came.

He bought the whole nine yards.

There are no stars in the sky tonight.

She was allowed to go to the disco on condition that she was back by ten.

I wish you'd tell me what really happened.

Calm down. I'll come over as soon as possible.

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You're lost.

She's cleaning off the make-up.

That's what we're waiting on.

In a society that uses thousands of logograms, there is much hidden illiteracy that people don't talk much about in public.

Mark went to a medieval music festival.

I would like to engage in foreign trade in the future.

I need pens, notebooks and so on.

Julia actually said that.

He wears a wool sweater.

Please be understanding.

Billie doesn't know how to ski.

He's in his fifties.

I moved a chess piece on the board one forward.

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My car has been broken into.

Marc is extremely grumpy.

Sarah rented a costume for the party.

I trusted her and I believed her.

Many Eastern religions teach that there is a unity behind the diversity of phenomena.


He mistook me for an Englishman.

Please inform profit after taxes, amortisation, etc

Troy tried to understand.

Her weight increased to 50 kilograms.

I'll do your shopping, clean up the house, and cook your dinner for you.

You guys are all sleep deprived.

Is something not well with you?

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Jesus picked up the glass and took a drink.

Have you seen Patty this morning?

Nobody should be subjected to pains or torture.

Do you cook by gas or electricity?

I can't believe that Bradford is the one who stole Randal's bicycle.

I want you to decide.

I really don't understand why.

Dan created a site and published all of Linda's nude pictures in it.

For a man of seventy, he still has surprising vigour.

Dan was to sign the contract in July.

There is no situation that is without hope.

I tried to convince Van.

Her illness is not such as to cause anxiety.

The story goes that he really had nothing to do with it.

All humans buy food at the mart.


All you have to do is touch the button.

Don't even talk to Pamela.

Let me rephrase it.


So, did you buy it for him?

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I'm tired from lack of sleep.

That's always a possibility.

Please excuse us a moment.


However, as of yet, no one has described the transformation of a cockroach into a human.


Getting out of bed this morning was hard.

Gunter was a homicide detective before he retired.

Nothing scares Gale.

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That you have come early is a good thing.


I am not used to sitting up late at night.

Does Swamy talk to you in French?

A stone does not float.

I don't like scary movies!!!

I thought you could use the help.

Censorship is a terrible practice.

I need to have a word with Trey.

I don't want an apology. I want an explanation.

I have breakfast at seven every morning.

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You don't have an alibi for the day of the murder.

May I feel this?

Do you know how many people are here?

Can you spare me a few minutes? I'd like to have a word with you.

He will be in London at this time tomorrow.


What area of China do you like the best?


I never touched Jong.

We're waiting to talk to them.

Will this button hold?

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Terri carried the dirty dishes into the kitchen.


I'll try.

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All of you are diligent.

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I'm going to give up math.

Miracles do happen every day.

I'm not going to hold that against you.

Turkeer bandaged Tuna's arm.

Those individual members of the class do not want to be held back by others not so good at math.


Saify wasn't able to solve the problem.

Now, are you going back to your room or not?

Yesterday I had a horrible accident on the highway.

He's standing outside the door.

Pandora yelled loud enough for everyone to hear.

There aren't any options left.

Who is that woman holding the flowers?

The evening isn't over.

Does your schedule allow you to have time off?

He refused to notice me.

I'd like to try doing this without your help.

Did you tell Gregor you were having trouble?

They try the rice.

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Dan chased the mugger and caught him.